Explore Chiltern


Chiltern is a perfectly preserved gold-rush era town, built in the late 1850's when diggers tried their luck on the goldfields and fortunes were made and lost.

Their legacy is a streetscape of wide verandahs and historic buildings that tell the stories of European settlers and gold miners. Modern-day Chiltern is a peaceful haven nestled in the hills of the Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park.

Visitors to Chiltern will experience a shared affection for the past, with all the benefits of good old-fashioned hospitality and warmth.


Dow's Pharmacy on Conness St sits exactly as it was in 1968. Open Wednesdays and Fridays it's definitely worth a look! ...

The Chiltern Athenaeum Trust is hosting a historical event this Sunday 15 May at 10:30am and 2:30pm. Head to our Facebook page to find out more! ...

Need a last minute present for Mum? Just your luck! Chiltern shops are staying open LATE this Friday 6 May. Shop until 8pm and find your perfect gift.

[A shop interior bursting with plants and gifts.]

Historic Chiltern buildings really shine when the leaves begin to change.

[An old brick building with two chimneys is nestled between trees with autumn coloured leaves. The scene is reflected in the lake in the foreground.]

Keen on cycling? The Beechworth Granite Classic is taking place this weekend in Chiltern's own Mt Pilot National Park. Chiltern has some great gravel rides even if you're not keen on participating - take a look at all the rides in Chiltern at the link in our bio.

[Four cyclists turn a corner on a gravel road in the bush. Dust filters the sunlight at their backs.]

Happy Easter! If you're visiting Chiltern this holidays don't forget to tag @explorechiltern or #chiltern to share your photos with us.

[A child in a white, brown and pink dress reaches down to collect a colourful Easter egg from the grass.]

Have you seen Chiltern's own Yarn Bombers at work yet? Check out Conness St to see some amazing Easter designs. Which is your favourite bollard?

[A straw hat sits atop a bollard and it is decorated with knitted and crocheted Easter animals and eggs in bright colours.]

Good Friday? Have a great Good Friday out exploring Chiltern's Mt Pilot National Park! Perfect for a family adventure.

[The sun pokes through branches of the forest above a stony creek.]