Wander through the charming streets of Chiltern and you will be whisked back in time, to the booming period of the gold rush era. This fascinating, small town is distinguished by carefully preserved streetscapes from the mid 19th Century and honours the solid value of its mining heritage and tells the story, the struggles and joys, of the early pioneers. Just as the exterior of these historic buildings have been perfectly preserved, the same care and attention has been given inside. Discover the stories behind people and their legacy; Dow's Pharmacy with its all original fittings and vast array of pharmaceutical equipment and commercial products from days gone by, The Federal Standard Building, which housed the provincial newspaper and printery, displays the original printing equipment from the 1870s and the Athenaeum Museum which houses a significant collection of historical items and memorabilia which helps tell the story of Chiltern and its people.

Chiltern is also a popular destination for collectors and lovers of antiques. Dotted throughout the town, you will find antique shops, museums and galleries, with a large collection of collectables, bric-a-brac, furniture, jewellery, pottery and glassware. Each August, one of the largest antique shows in regional Australia is hosted in Chiltern, attracting dealers and collectors from all over Australia and showcases a vast collection of desirable antiquities.

Chiltern is one of the premier bird-watching areas in southern Australia. The district has exceptional bird diversity due to the high quality of protected habitat in the Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park and surrounds. The Chiltern Box Ironbark Forest is an ecological wonderland with an array of native flora and fauna, wildflowers, wetlands and more. Spend time enough in the forest and you will likely come across kangaroos, wallabies and echidnas. The National Park also contains areas of archaeological, cultural and indigenous significance, with the rock paintings and interpretive trail at the nearby Yeddonba Aboriginal Cultural Site site. If you prefer to stay closer to the centre of town, take a short stroll to Martin Park with all the amenities at your finger tips including BBQ and picnic areas, toilet facilities and a popular playground for the little ones, with idyllic Lake Anderson just a stone's throw away.