Food and Wine

row of bread

Chiltern has an array of great options for lunch (light or long), classic sweet treats, belly-busting pub fare and quality produce for the self-caterers.

Old-style traditional treats (think lamingtons and scrolls), pies, pastries and house-baked breads can be found at the Chiltern Bakery & Cafe  - with eggs & bacon, warm buttered cinnamon toast and breakfast muffins served daily from 7-10.30am.

Don't miss the friendly folk at the Chiltern Butchery for locally sourced, high-quality meats with a full range of traditional cuts, quick and easy meals and a range of deli meats and salads.

Local bees making local honey are hard at work at the  Chiltern Honey Farm. Visit to taste and buy pure honey from the farm gate.

The Ironbark Tavern likes to mix it up. A few nights a week they serve Thai cuisine with more traditional pub fare and pizza available on the alternate nights. If you want to dine in nature or at your accommodation, they offer take-out as well.

The Telegraph Hotel with its 1950's facade, offers great value steaks, ribs, parmas and pub meals in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Posh Plonk is a funky little space with gorgeous outdoor seating under purpose built pods. Drop by for a selection of craft beers, quality local wines, locally roasted coffee and gourmet pizzas with a casual dining menu (including gluten-free alternatives).