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Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park

This 21,565 hectare park is located between Beechworth and the low hills surrounding Chiltern. It includes the striking granite formations of the Mt Pilot range and the stunning Woolshed Falls.

Situated at the foot of Mount Pilot and located approximately 10 minutes drive from Chiltern is the Yeddonba Aboriginal Heritage Site. There is a 45-minute moderate walk, including a board walk to view the rock artwork of what is thought to be a Thylacine or Tasmanian Tiger, a goanna and a snake.

Take in the spectacular views across the Murray Valley plains from the summit of Mt Pilot. Turn left into Old Coach Road from Beechworth Road at the crest of the ridge.

The open grassy forest of Box and Ironbark trees is pleasant to walk through and makes bird observation easy. In addition to the birds, Chiltern has a diverse range of native plants, with the spring show of wildflowers being exceptional in most years.